Beyond Belief – Christian Ministries in Haiti Prepare for Hurricane Matthew Aftermath

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti as a category four storm. “Beyond belief!” is all one of Cross International ministry partners had to say over the phone this morning. Our Haiti Church Partners are in prep and pray mode as damage begins to be surveyed in the early hours of Hurricane Matthew monstrous collision with Haiti’s south coast. Cross International is staging shipments of food, medicines and other goods to quickly respond as the storm passes.

As Hurricane Matthew’s powerful bands are ripped into Haiti’s south coastal areas, church leaders prayed for the best, but, wisely, are preparing for the worst.

Boarded up windows and sandbagged buildings won’t keep 25-foot storm surge and 130 mph winds at bay. Shoreline churches and villages were hit hard! Poor families living in makeshift shacks will suffer the most.

Cross International is poised to help meet the needs of the poor through our long-established network of in-country pastors.  Please pray for these church leaders as they model their faith and serve the suffering poor in their communities in the weeks ahead!

Large or small, every gift to Cross International’s disaster relief fund will have a profound impact. Through your donations, Cross will empower Christian leaders to distribute food, repair houses and deliver medical resources wherever needed. Year round, this team of pastors cares for spiritual needs in their communities. During this time of crisis, they are the most connected option for quickly and cost effectively reaching those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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